About HoPro


HoPro specializes in high quality 3D holographic display manufacturing and can offer overall media installation solutions. HoPro aim is to create a lasting first impression of your product or service and attract attention of a potential customer or a partner. Holographic displays create a memorable customer experience and solutions such as combination of physical product and 3D animation provide an eye-catching and powerful effect that stands out. Beside 3D holographic displays HoPro provide 3D animation services.

Company is always looking for new opportunities and develop innovative solutions. HoPro products is already being successfully used by well know local and international brands and companies and this is the result of HoPro’s hard-working and enthusiastic team of professionals that will solve almost any given task and will help you to find the best way to introduce yourself and impress your partners.
First impression counts!

Combination of physical objects and FULL HD 3D animation create a spectacular visualization that help to impress people around.

To provide full package of unforgivable impressions – HoPro, besides manufacturing of 3D holographic displays, offer 3D animation services. 3D animations is the key part of the overall performance of a holograph. The more spectacular and playful animations are – the greater impression it makes.

Creating 3D animations is time –consuming and complex process, but HoPro team of professionals will help you to find the best solution. We create holographic performances combining physical objects – products, prototypes, etc., with created 3D animations. Such combinations make spectacular visualizations that leave strong and lasting impressions.